Monthly Archives: February 2015

Participate in National Weather Service’s GIS Data & Product Survey

The National Weather Service is working to increase the availability and usability of GIS products and services provided to the public. Please provide your feedback on GIS products and services using the NWS survey open now through May 5. The results of this voluntary survey will help the NOAA’s National Weather Service improve its product and services, and your input is valuable.

Click Here to participate in the survey!

NAPSG Releases Updated Strategic Plan

Washington, DC: On January 14, 2015 the NAPSG Board of Directors voted and unanimously approved the updated Strategic Plan. The Board initiated an updated strategic planning process in June 2014 and over the course of several months they completed the development of the updated Strategic Plan. The plan sets forth a refreshed vision and mission for the organization that is coupled with a new set of goals and specific objectives for each. The plan remains in effect from 2015 through 2018.

This is a positive development for NAPSG, as it ensures the organization is focused on addressing the greatest needs of the public safety community in using location-enabled decision support technology and data to improve planning and operations. The 2015-2018 NAPSG Strategic Plan brings together and sets forth a roadmap to address all of the critical issues facing our community, ranging from technology integration in exercises and information sharing to solving technology interoperability for enhanced mutual aid.

NAPSG 2015-2018 Strategic Plan