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Contribute Feedback on Emergency Management Use of GIS

NAPSG Members, for those of you in the Emergency Management Community, we would like to know how your agency is using GIS for preparedness and operations. Please read below to know how you can contribute your expertise!

As part of the Emergency Management Institute (EMI) Advanced Academy, Chris Corwin (GIS Analyst/Disaster Services Coordinator for Blaine County in Idaho) will be writing a short paper based on the results of a survey he has created on the current status of the utilization of GIS in Emergency Management.

In order to better explore this topic, Chris needs your feedback! He has created a short survey that will identify who uses GIS, how often they use it, and why some Emergency Managers do not currently use GIS. Using the results of the survey, Chris will summarize the findings in his paper and offer ways that we can better encourage GIS usage into all emergency management activities.

Share your expertise! The survey will be available until March 15th – it will take less than 5 minutes to complete. To contribute feedback and inform national priorities on how GIS is being used by emergency management, please complete this short survey –