Executive Leadership Team

At the NAPSG Foundation, we strive to ground all of our efforts around the continually changing needs of the public safety community. If we are not listening and responding to those in the community, we are at risk of missing an opportunity to help advance your mission. By connecting with the community, we learn what challenges are being faced by the community, how we can better prepare our members to address these challenges, and what the common themes and needs are across the whole community that we can address at a national level to help guide NAPSG Foundation members.

The NAPSG Foundation’s Executive Leadership Team (ELT) is comprised of 20 members, two representatives from each FEMA region, who serve 1-year terms. ELT members help define NAPSG Foundation’s actions, provide feedback on national guidelines, and help us craft strategies to the issues at hand. Each member serves as a voice for the community in their area of the country.

Executive Leadership Team (ELT) Members

FEMA Region I

 Name  Position  Agency
Justin Kates Director of Emergency Management City of Nashua (NH)
Chris Tardif Deputy Fire Chief East Hartford Fire Department (CT)

FEMA Region II

 Name  Position  Agency
William Kramer Chief Cinnaminson Fire Department (NJ)
Larry Fox Battalion Chief Mount Laurel Fire Department (NJ)


 Name  Position  Agency
Eric Fisher GIS Coordinator Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department (VA)
Peter Hanna Firefighter/Paramedic Baltimore City Fire Department (MD)

FEMA Region IV

 Name  Position  Agency
Richard Butgereit Chief Information Officer Florida Division of Emergency Management (FL)
Jim Lake Director Charleston County Consolidated Dispatch Center (SC)

FEMA Region V

 Name  Position  Agency

FEMA Region VI

 Name  Position  Agency
Robert Doke State Fire Marshall State of Oklahoma (OK)
Michael Ouimet Manager, Critical Information Systems Texas Division of Emergency Management (TX)


 Name  Position  Agency
Jon Paoli GIS/Information Technology Coordinator Iowa Homeland Security & Emergency Management (IA)
Debbie Briedwell GIS Specialist Missouri Emergency Management Agency, ITSD/OGI (MO)


 Name  Position  Agency
Kevin Kay Homeland Security Risk and Resiliency Support Analyst North Central All-Hazards Region/Arapahoe County (CO)
Chris Trice Information Resources Manager City of Boulder (CO)

FEMA Region IX

 Name  Position  Agency
Phil Beilin GIS Coordinator City of Walnut Creek (CA)
Caroline Thomas-Jacobs Chief, Response Systems Integration Branch California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (CA)

FEMA Region X

 Name  Position  Agency
Chris Rogers Lieutenant Kirkland Fire Department (WA)
Mike Hamilton ‎Firefighter/Paramedic Pierce County Fire (WA)