Symbol Library

While national and international standards fulfill many symbol needs, gaps still exist in incident symbols and the supporting frameworks required to achieve a common language for communicating incident information. NAPSG Foundation has been working with the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to bridge these gaps by developing a consistent incident symbology framework, guideline, and symbol set for use at the incident level on maps and in GIS applications.

You can search and download symbols (PNG and SVG format), Style Sheets for ArcGIS, and True-Type Fonts to deploy the symbols in your own environment using our Symbol Library Tool. You can also access ArcGIS Pro Stylesheets that use NAPSG-hosted symbology. Developers can access the NAPSG-based Symbol Library developed by DHS S&T Modeling & Simulation Technology Center for use in the AReS Sandtable, floor projection models, and other open-source platforms on GitHub. Read more on the DHS S&T collaboration on our News page.

Guideline Documents

Download and review the symbol framework and guideline documents for the creation of symbols.


Learn how to use custom map symbols in the new ArcGIS Map Viewer.

Learn how to use the NAPSG Foundation Symbol Library to use hosted images in your web maps and feature layers.

Technical Resources:

Start implementing the existing symbols within your organization.

All of NAPSG’s standardized symbology accessed here and through the Symbol Library Tool are available for commercial use within the parameters of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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