U.S. National Grid Resources

The U.S. National Grid (USNG) is a point and area reference system that provides for actionable location information in a uniform format. Its use helps achieve consistent situational awareness across all levels of government, disciplines, and threats & hazards – regardless of your role in an incident. One of the key resources NAPSG Foundation makes available to support emergency responders is a basic USNG situational awareness application.

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Screenshot of a USNG Application

Why Use the USNG? Background Resources

  1. Applying the USNG for Enhanced Situational Awareness
  2. Applying the USNG for Pre-Scripted Missions

How to Get Started? Basic Implementation Guidance

  1. Implementation Guide to the USNG
  2. How to Read the USNG
  3. USNG Grid Card Reader Template

What tools are available? Technical Resources

  1. Map Template for Creating USNG Map Books in ArcGIS Pro NEW
  2. Map Template for Creating 1:24k USNG Maps in ArcMap
  3. Guideline for Building USNG Polygons

For additional USNG-related resources and tools, also take a look at the following resources:

Still have questions or need assistance?
NAPSG Foundation also offers fee-for-service USNG Technical Assistance for public safety agencies interested in using the USNG in operations. For more information, please contact admin@publicsafetygis.org or by phone at 202-895-1711.