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Training Tutorials

Provided here are several self-guided training tutorials that you can use to learn new skills in applying GIS for public safety. Most of these modules use ArcGIS Online, so be sure to also check out the NAPSG CENTER.

These training tutorials are designed to be self-guided using the training guide for each and sample datasets for a hands-on experience in developing the knowledge, skills, and abilities covered in each tutorial.

Basic GIS Skills for Public Safety Using ArcGIS Online Training Tutorial
Geocode and Symbolize Data in ArcGIS Online Training Tutorial 1
Sample Dataset 1
Sample Dataset 2
Use Basic Routing Features in ArcGIS Online Training Tutorial 2
Sample Dataset 3
Analyze Public Safety Data in ArcGIS Online Training Tutorial 3
Sample Dataset 4
Presenting GIS Analysis for Public Safety Training Tutorial 4
*Uses sample dataset 4
Intermediate Skills Using ArcGIS Pro and AGOL Training Tutorial
ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Online Training for Public Safety Tutorial and Map Package
Developing Geo-Enabled Plans Self-Paced Tutorial
Deploying a Regional Situational Awareness Viewer Self-Paced Tutorial