NAPSG Survey on Access to Federal Geospatial Data Sources

NAPSG Foundation is pleased to release a survey conducted over the Summer to better understand how well the Federal HSIP Gold and Navteq State Release data sets are finding their way to state and local public safety agencies.  Further, the survey begins to dig into how these data sets, when utilized, are improving emergency response and preparedness.

NAPSG will continue to research how these data are impacting public safety — in part by conducting more detailed surveys of respondents to gain more anecdotal information about the data is improving response and increasing civilian safety.

A copy of the survey results can be downloaded below.

If you would like to participate in these more detailed surveys, please contact Peter O’Rourke at


NAPSG – NGA HSIP Gold-State Release (.pdf)

NAPSG Survey – Access to Federal Geospatial Data RESULTS (.pdf)