New USNG Map Book Template Available

We are pleased to announce the release of a US National Grid (USNG) Map Book template for ArcGIS Pro. At this time, we are looking for your feedback as this is a new tool for GIS Specialists to produce paper and PDF maps.ย This ArcGIS Pro template is meant to be a starting point for your map book projects, and it is based on best practices and earlier tutorials by the USNG National Implementation Center (TUNIC) at Delta State University. This does not replace previous templates created in ArcMap, but is a new experimental approach to making map books. We will continue to refine this template and work with other organizations to make improvements over time. Please send us your feedback atย!

Download fromย

ArcGIS Pro Task for creating a US National Grid Map Book.

Example Map created by Johns Hopkins University GIS for EM Student, Ayankunle Adesigbin.