Materials Available: Hurricane Irma Search & Rescue GIS Hot Wash and Workshop

On September 2017, NAPSG Foundation and the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) coordinated with the Florida Fire Chiefs Association (FFCA), Florida State Fire Marshal’s Office, and the Florida Division of Emergency Management to provide location-enabled decision support tools and field information collection tools to local and state SAR teams positioning and deploying in support of Hurricane Irma. NAPSG Foundation and the IAFC rapidly developed and deployed a prototype suite of decision support tools and field data collection applications for an estimated 300 of local and state fire and SAR responders representing roughly 56 teams or task forces preparing for and responding to Hurricane Irma.

A Hot Wash and Workshop was conducted on November 3, 2017, at the Orlando Fire Rescue headquarters in Winter Park, Florida – to foster dialogue, examine lessons observed, and capture feedback by the fire service and SAR personnel who used advanced technology for situational awareness and field information collection primarily during Hurricane Irma. The Hot Wash and Workshop was co-hosted by the IAFC, FFCA, the Florida State Fire Marshal, and the National Alliance for Public Safety GIS Foundation. The stakeholder feedback captured during just-in-time trainings, informal discussions with first responders, and through the hot wash discussions serve as valuable forums to define specific requirements needed to inform the solutions and tools for improved decision making by fire and SAR operators and leaders prior to future disasters.

Provided below is the copy of the Agenda and some of the materials used in the Hurricane Irma SAR GIS Hot Wash and Workshop. The After Action Report from this effort will be posted shortly.

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Agenda for the Irma SAR GIS Hot Wash

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