PrepTech Talk: Learn the Latest in Preparedness Technology & Tools

On September 19, 2019, NAPSG Foundation held its fourth Preparedness Technology Talk. This PrepTech Talk provided participants the opportunity to learn from a panel of experts from local, state, and Federal agencies on how they are using the latest available technology-enabled tools and resources to support high impact preparedness efforts.

Seminar Objectives

  • Discuss the basics of PrepToolkit, how to access it, and the types of resources available.
  • Learn how to leverage location-enabled tools to develop plans and realistic exercise scenarios with or without technical and geospatial staff.
  • Provide tools & guidance for Geospatial Staff who support the emergency management community.
  • Learn from industry leaders on the implementation of PrepToolkit tools and resources in their communities.

PrepTech Talk Resources

Additional Resources Highlighted by our Panelists

  • Hazard Explorer Suite  – Suite of tools, templates, and guidance for integrating geospatial data and analysis from preparedness to recovery.
  • Hazard Explorer Tool – Tool to help Exercise Planners identify and evaluate potential exercise scenario locations, hazard exposure, and other risk-related factors to support exercise planning.
  • FEMA’s Preparedness Toolkit – Resources to assist the community in implementing National Preparedness Activities, including Hazard Explorer.