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Resource Management Maturity Study

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Resource management is the cornerstone of preparing for and responding to incidents that require mutual aid among agencies and jurisdictions. Currently, the adoption and use of standardized resource management policies, practices, and technology vary greatly at the local level nationwide. To unify efforts and improve resource management for daily operations and larger-scale incidents, we need first to understand how agencies are managing their resources today.

NAPSG Foundation responded to this need by launching a study to form a baseline understanding of the extent of implementation of resource typing, inventorying, and management across the nation. Findings from this effort will help inform future guidance and technology investments that are part of the National Incident Management System (NIMS) and National Qualifications System (NQS) and various resource management and mutual aid systems commonly in use today.

The report from this study is now available to help inform NIMS and other locally-driven national guidance and programs. Provided below are the key questions that guided this study:

  • What is our status in implementing NIMS resource management principles and concepts?
  • What is our status in implementing NQS?
  • What challenges do we experience in implementing NIMS and NQS?
  • What technology tools are we using today to support implementation, and what technology capabilities are needed to advance our resource management practices?

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This effort was made possible through a partnership with the U.S. Department of Homeland Securityโ€™s Science and Technology Directorate (Agreement #70RSAT18CB0000041).