Virtual Training: Best Practices in GIS for Fire Department Risk Reduction

On December 11, 2015, the National Alliance for Public Safety GIS Foundation co-hosted a virtual training seminar with Esri to provide awareness-level training on best practices from the US and Canada in applying GIS for Community Risk Reduction (CRR) by Fire Departments and other public safety agencies. Through this training participants were able to:

  • Learn how fire departments are already using GIS for risk reduction efforts
  • Learn how GIS can help you discover recurring patterns in your data, and how these analyses can improve your efforts to help vulnerable people in your communities be safer
  • Develop strategies to improve overall department effectiveness and operational capacity
  • Gain ideas for using the new NFPA 950/951 standard and guide to develop a strong IT program in your department
  • Gain actionable ideas for accessing, improving, and managing data to enhance your community risk reduction efforts

Provided below is a link to the materials used in the training and a recording of the full training session:

Additional resources that were referenced during the training include the following: