2021 Innovation Summit for Preparedness & Resilience

April 6-8, 2021
A Virtual Event!
The nation’s only summit dedicated to fostering innovation in policy and technology for preparedness and resilience.

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Join us for our annual flagship event—the Innovation Summit for Preparedness & Resilience (InSPIRE)—as we bring together public safety leaders, first responders, GIS professionals, and technologists from across the nation to develop practical solutions to the most prominent public safety policy and technology challenges.

InSPIRE focuses on implementing innovative policy and technology for preparedness and resilience by weaving together a unique combination of education, training, and field simulations. It provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity for you to share your experiences from recent incidents, participate in guided trainings, and brainstorm innovative solutions to real challenges facing public safety agencies nationwide. Together we will:

  • Foster transformational leadership in public safety by embracing appropriate innovative technology and policy.
  • Build a community of leaders, responders, and technologists committed to working together to increase preparedness and resilience at the local level nationwide.
  • Develop practical solutions and approaches to implement technology for risk assessment, planning, exercises, and incident operations during response and recovery.

AGENDA and Resources

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We encourage participation in small teams of 2-3 from each agency or jurisdiction. Each agency or jurisdiction team ideally would consist of individuals representing the following roles:

  • Decision-Maker/Manager/Chief
  • First Responder/Operator/Planner
  • Technologist/GIS Staff

Which disciplines should participate?

  • Public Safety Officials & First Responders – Management level & operational public safety. Disciplines include Emergency Management, Fire/EMS, Search & Rescue/US&R, Incident Management Teams, Law Enforcement, Public Health, etc.
  • Emergency Management Planners – Mitigation Planners, Preparedness Planners, Emergency Management Planning Specialists, etc.
  • Technologists – IT managers, IT specialists, CTOs, Communication Leaders, Cybersecurity professionals, Interoperability Coordinators, etc.
  • GIS Practitioners – State GIS Coordinators/GIOs, GIS Managers, Technicians, Analysts, and Specialists.
  • Federal Agencies – FEMA HQ and Regions, FBI, NOAA, Depts. of Homeland Security, Justice, Commerce, Energy, Transportation, DOI, etc.
  • Volunteers Who Support Disasters – American Red Cross, Crowdsourcing Community
  • Infrastructure Operators – Railroads, Electric, Water, Telecommunications, Utilities, etc.
  • Private Sector – Only available to Summit Sponsors, or Federal Contractors for a fee.

Justify Your Participation

Transforming your agency with the most appropriate innovative technology and policy requires an understanding of your agency’s greatest needs and opportunities, a plan to drive your transformation, and a desire to embrace practical innovative solutions. The Innovation Summit for Preparedness & Resilience is where your agency’s transformation begins. Join us to:

  • Lead your agency in adopting and implementing innovative technology and policy for increasing community resilience and preparedness.
  • Network and collaborate with peers to discover and train on the latest solutions that will help address your agency’s greatest challenges.
  • Get training and experience the latest innovative technology.
  • Connect with thought leaders and experts to discover how your peers are innovating and then apply new ideas to your work.