From State to National: Damage Assessment Collection & Coordination

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Damage assessments are a crucial process for jurisdictions to perform correctly after an incident. When done efficiently, they can provide evidence of the severity of the disaster and justify the need for federal assistance to help the community recover. They can also identify the areas that need the most assistance and support the proper allocation of resources. A well-planned and tested technical approach can ensure that assessments are conducted promptly.

On June 5th, 2023, NAPSG Foundation hosted the PrepTech Talk “From State to National: Damage Assessment Collection and Coordination.” In this webinar, you will learn about the coordinated approach the state of Oregon is implementing to ensure locals have access and training on using preconfigured GIS tools. Also, you will hear how FEMA validates and leverages this data, and the tools and data standards they provide to assist your jurisdiction in streamlining the damage assessment process.  

Webinar Objectives
  • Promote best practices and improve collaboration across all levels of government in the damage assessment process to improve outcomes for survivors. 
  • Share efforts to support locals and standardize damage assessment process across the state of Oregon, and aid other jurisdictions looking to develop a similar coordinated approach.
  • Raise awareness of tools available from FEMA, how FEMA currently consumes data from states, and goals for streamlining data collection and sharing in the future.

  • Daniel Stoelb, GIS Program CoordinatorOregon Department of Emergency Management
  • Melodie O’Hanlon, Project Manager, FACT system, FEMA 
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