Who We Are
The National Alliance for Public Safety GIS (NAPSG) Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that was formed in 2005 to overcome the challenges faced by Federal, tribal, state, and local public safety agencies in the adoption and use of GIS as a tool to protect their citizens.
Mission Statement

Our mission is to improve the safety, resilience, and well-being of our communities and to improve government and non-governmental organization responses to chronic and emergent public safety threats and incidents by:

  • Advancing geospatial technology and capabilities for and with the public safety community,
  • Fostering adoption of geospatial tools, information, and best practices for planning, daily operations, and disasters, and
  • Bridging the gaps across agencies and disciplines, to better protect the communities they serve.

Through partnerships and grants, the mission of NAPSG Foundation supports the public safety community at no cost.

How We Do It
All our programs are driven and led by local, state, and tribal practitioners. NAPSG Foundation is the only organization dedicated to advancing the use of geospatial technology and information-sharing with a membership network of over 20,000 practitioners nationwide and around the globe. Practitioner leadership and involvement are the cornerstones of our mission and objectives.