2023 Innovation Summit for Preparedness & Resilience (event closed)


Join us for our annual flagship event — the Innovation Summit for Preparedness & Resilience (InSPIRE) — as we bring together public safety leaders, first responders, GIS professionals, and technologists to explore practical solutions to the most prominent public safety policy and technology challenges being implemented across the nation.

The focus of InSPIRE 2023 will be The Community in Action and will highlight the exceptional work and real-world impacts of the Public Safety Community. If you are interested in fostering transformational leadership, building your community, and developing practical solutions and approaches to your most pressing public safety challenges, be sure to register today for this no-cost event!


InSPIRE provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity for you to share your experiences. We find this is best done in small teams of 2-3 people from each agency or jurisdiction that represent the following roles: 

  • Decision Maker/Manager/Chief
  • First Responder/Operator/Planner 
  • Technologist/GIS Staff
Which disciplines should participate?
  • Federal Agencies – FEMA HQ and Regions, FBI, NOAA, Depts. of Homeland Security, Justice, Commerce, Energy, Transportation, DOI, etc. 
  • Emergency Management Planners – Mitigation Planners, Preparedness Planners, Emergency Management Planning Specialists, etc. 
  • GIS Practitioners – State GIS Coordinators/GIOs, GIS Managers, Technicians, Analysts, and Specialists.
  • Volunteers who support disasters – American Red Cross, Crowdsourcing Community.
  • Public Safety Officials & First Responders – Management level & operational public safety. Disciplines include Emergency Management, Fire/EMS, Search & Rescue/US&R, Incident Management Teams, Law Enforcement, Public Health, etc.
  • Infrastructure Operators – Railroads, Electric, Water, Telecommunications, Utilities, etc. 
  • Technologists – IT Managers, IT Specialists, CTOs, Communication Leaders, Cybersecurity Professionals, Interoperability Coordinators, Data Scientists & Analysts, etc. 
  • Private Sector – Summit sponsorship is required. 


InSPIRE 2023 sessions will highlight the unique implementation of GIS and technology by public safety organizations like yours. Attendees will gain practical knowledge and skills beneficial to their agency’s preparedness, response, and recovery efforts.

View InSPIRE 2023 sessions, speakers, and overviews here

  • Keynote Speakers and 18+ Sessions
  • Technical and Non-Technical training
  • Public Safety Leadership Panel
  • Hosted Events: Awards Reception & Networking Social


Agenda & Sponsorship Opportunities:
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General Information:
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Thank You, Sponsors

We are so grateful to our sponsors for helping us fulfill our mission of improving the safety, resilience, and well-being of our communities. Our sponsors’ contribution allows us to support the public safety community at no cost and offer travel scholarships to colleagues who lack funding to attend InSPIRE 2023. To learn more about our sponsors and partners, please click here.