Cracking the Code on Risk and Resilience Indices and Tools

May 7, 2020

Understanding a community’s risk, resilience, and vulnerability is vital to preparedness, resilience, and disaster management. There are various indices and tools currently available today, but sometimes it is unclear which index and supporting tools are best suited to answer specific questions and actions in the planning stage as well as the timeline of a disaster.  

NAPSG Foundation has joined forces with URISA’s Community Resilience Task Force to form a Risk & Resilience Indices Working Group that addresses these very challenges. The Working Group was launched to understand and develop guidance on the multitude of indices and tools available for risk, resilience, and vulnerability. Our goal is to answer the growing questions such as which index and tools should a planner or emergency management use, when should they be used, and for what purpose.
Learn More About the Initiative
Check out the recent article on this initiative in the March/April 2020 edition of the GIS Professional Journal.

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Call to Action!

To make this happen, we need your help. We are seeking input from the broader community to document use-cases on the various risk, resilience, and vulnerability indices.

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