Community Lifeline Symbols and Symbol Library Tool Updates

Community Lifeline Symbols

NAPSG Foundation’s Symbol Library provides the public safety community with a consistent incident symbology framework, guideline, and symbol set for use at the incident level on maps and in geographic information system (GIS) applications.

Some of the newest additions to the Symbol Library Tool are FEMA’s Community Lifelines and accompanying Components of Lifelines.

community lifeline symbols


In October 2019, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) released the fourth edition of the National Response Framework (NRF), which sets the strategy and doctrine for how the whole community builds, sustains, and delivers the response core capabilities identified in the National Preparedness Goal.

This fourth edition of the NRF introduced the community lifelines concept and terminology. Community Lifelines are those services that enable the continuous operation of critical government and business functions and are essential to human health and safety or economic security.

To accompany FEMA’s release of the “Community Lifelines Implementation Toolkit 2.0,” NAPSG Foundation worked with our state and local partners to develop symbols that reflect Community Lifelines and Components of Lifelines in the Symbology Library Tool.

These symbols are free for use by the whole community.

Section of Community Lifelines on a webpage
Select image above to navigate to the Lifelines category in the Symbol Library Tool


NAPSG Foundation’s Symbol Library can be accessed within the Resources area of the website. The library provides access to guideline documents, technical resources, and symbols organized by category. All resources within the Symbol Library are free for use by the whole community.

Latest Enhancements

In addition to the new Community Lifeline Symbols, a recent update to the Symbol Library Tool provides enhancements to aid you in navigating and using the symbols provided.

  1. A symbol with a drop down field below it titled "Select File Type." The cursor is hovering over the PNG 64 option. Download and Copy Link buttons are also provided.Choose File and Icon Types: Symbol size, status, and format options are available for each symbol, as appropriate. A new feature in the tool will allow you to more readily review and select the file and icon types applicable to your needs.
  2. Easily Copy a Symbol’s URL: As part of the updated feature set, individual symbol URLs can now more easily be copied to your system’s clipboard to allow you to paste directly into your mapping applications and other products, mitigating the need to download and host the symbol file elsewhere. These URLs are unique based on the file type and other settings that you choose.

Watch the brief video tutorial below to learn more about this update and how to interact with the new features.