2019 Disaster Innovation Talks

The 2019 NAPSG Disaster Innovation Talks were delivered as part of the 2019 Innovation Summit for Preparedness and Resilience (InSPIRE) on November 12-13 at the Texas A&M University at Galveston. Provided below are the video recordings.

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Applying Science & Technology to Drive State Flood Mitigation and Resilience Policy

Dr. Sam Brody, Director, Center for Texas Beaches & Shores, Texas A&M University Galveston

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Enhancing Life Saving Missions with Innovative Technology & Policy

Jeff Maunder, Manager, New Zealand Disaster Assistance Response Team, New Zealand Urban Search & Rescue National Management Team

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Shifting the Paradigm: The Role of Mitigation Following Hurricane Harvey

Josh Davies, Division Chief, Texas Division of Emergency Management

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Turning Science & Technology into Disaster Decision Making

Jacqueline Meszaros, Ph.D., Science and Technology Advisor; Natural Hazards, Disasters, and Resilience; National Science Foundation

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Achieving Interoperability for Crisis Management in the Field and at the State EOC

Steven Batson, Chief of Staff, South Carolina Division of Emergency Mgmt

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Learning to See What Others Can’t

Ryan Lanclos, Director, Public Safety Industries, Esri

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Technology Enabling the Community Lifelines for Local and State Incident Operations

Michael Dossett, Director, Kentucky Emergency Management • Doug Eades, GIS Lead, Kentucky Emergency Management

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Integrating Intelligence and Technology to Drive Operational Planning

David Kang, Director, Response Planning and Exercise Division, Federal Emergency Management Agency