New Technology Preparedness Toolkits Available

NAPSG Foundation is pleased to share two new technology-focused toolkits that were recently launched and are available to the community today, as a part of NAPSG’s Safe & Resilient Toolkit. Each of the toolkits provides public safety leaders, emergency managers, and first responders with consistent guidance and resources for building and enabling the use of location-based technology during incident operations.

While both of the toolkits are designed for use in response to an incident, leaders and first responders should review and begin applying the guidance in building capability during the clear skies, preparedness phase.

Below is a short synopsis of the two new toolkits that are accessible in the Resource Library!

First Responder and SAR Geospatial Toolkit – Use this toolkit to adopt a common geospatial framework and train for disaster response missions.

CrowdsourceEM Toolkit – Use this toolkit to build a crodsourcing capability in your community.