2018 Disaster Innovation Talks

The inaugural series of NAPSG Disaster Innovation Talks were delivered as part of the 2018 National Geospatial Preparedness Summit on December 3-4 at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Provided below are the video recordings. For all other NGPS Materials, visit: https://www.napsgfoundation.org/resources/materials-2018-ngps/.

Smart to Wise: One City’s Journey in Overcoming Preparedness Challenges with Technology

Mike Chard, Director, City and County of Boulder Office of Emergency Management

Connecting the Human Dimension of Hazards and Disasters

Dr. Lori Peek, Director, Natural Hazards Center – University of Colorado

Uniting Response and Communications with FirstNet

Jeff Bratcher, Chief Technology Officer, FirstNet

Reducing Complexity and Improving Decision Making with Response Lifelines

Josh Dozor, Deputy Assistant Administrator for Response, Federal Emergency Management Agency

A Ready and Resilient Nation through Innovation

Daniel Alexander, Director, National Integration Center, Federal Emergency Management Agency

Cracking the Code on indoor Incident Operations

Jeb Benson, Public Safety Communications Research, National Institute of Standards and Technology

Data for Good: Social Media Aiding in Disaster Response and Recovery

Laura McGorman, Policy Lead for Disaster Maps, Facebook