Virtual Training: Introduction to the Symbol Library Tool

On February 16, 2016, the National Alliance for Public Safety Foundation hosted a virtual training seminar to provide awareness level knowledge on why and how to use NAPSG’s web-based Symbol Library Tool. The Symbol Library Tool has been designed to make it easy to search, discover, and use NAPSG’s standardized Incident Symbol Set and Guideline. Through this seminar participants were able to:

  • Learn why to use the standardized Incident Symbology Guideline and Symbol Set
  • Learn how to use the Symbol Library Tool to support your public safety agency
  • Learn how to search and download the symbols in multiple formats for use across platforms
  • Gain insights on efforts underway in 2016 to expand the Symbol Set and enhance the Implementation Tools

Provided below is a link to the materials used in the training, and a recording of the full training seminar.

Looking to get started with the Symbol Library Tool? Check it out HERE!