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Capability and Readiness Assessment Tool

Watch how GIS is being used in the public safety industry.

What is CARAT? The Capability and Readiness Assessment Tool (CARAT) is a tool created by NAPSG Foundation.  It is designed to serve as a roadmap for public safety officials and GIS practitioners interested in learning how GIS can be applied to the public safety mission and/or in building GIS to support their agencies’ work.

Where should I start? Assessing your current capabilities is a good place to start, and a great way to monitor the progress of your agency. Our online self-assessment will guide you through the steps to determine your maturity in 6 common areas. This is an agency wide assessment of capabilities, not a personal assessment. Use this tool to find out where you have current gaps, then continue below to address the common workflows of your agency.

Take the CARAT Online Self-Assessment

How should I approach a specific task? Simply look through the topics under the four categories: Planning, Preparedness, Response, and Recovery.  When you see the function that you are interested in, click on it.  You will then see a continuum – CRAWL, WALK, and RUN.  Select the level you want to review and a short description will help you identify your current capability and what is next for you.

You may have a basic capability, and just need to understand what to do next.  Or you may just be getting started and need to know how to “crawl”.  Each function will have an example that shows how a real agency is implementing this function at each level.  There is also a dynamic list of resources below the descriptions that shows you current examples of each function available online.


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National Preparedness Core Capabilities

The Federal Emergency Management Agency references 31 core capabilities that are the distinct critical elements needed to achieve the President’s National Preparedness Goal.

According to FEMA, “these capabilities are referenced in many national preparedness efforts, including the National Planning Frameworks. The Goal grouped the capabilities into five mission areas, based on where they most logically fit. Some fall into only one mission area, while some others apply to several mission areas.”

As a further build out of the CARAT, NAPSG has added each of the 31 Core Capabilities as new search categories. By clicking on any of these Capabilities, you will receive a dynamic list of resources that show current, online examples of these capabilities.