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Capability and Readiness Assessment Tool

Watch how GIS is being used in the public safety industry.

What is CARAT? The Capability and Readiness Assessment Tool (CARAT) is a self-assessment of your organization’s geospatial capabilities. It is designed to help you measure and track your progress over time, as well as provide guidance on how to increase your geospatial maturity.

Where should I start? Our online self-assessment will guide you through the steps to determine your maturity in 6 common areas. This self-assessment tool is designed for use at the agency level, not for use by an individual to assess their knowledge, skills, and abilities. If you represent multiple agencies, complete an individual assessment for each agency you represent. We have designed this self-assessment to be used primarily by public safety officials first. If you are a GIS or IT professional, we recommend you coordinate with your leadership to complete the self-assessment.

Take the CARAT Online Self-Assessment

How should I approach a specific task? Simply look through the topics under each discipline below. ย When you see the function that you are interested in, click on it. ย You will then see a continuum โ€“ CRAWL, WALK, and RUN. ย Select the level you want to review and a short description will help you identify your current capability and what is next for you.

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Public Safety Discipline-Specific Capabilities

Emergency Management
Municipal Fire
Search and Rescue